Student Admission 

S.1 Discretionary Places   (Updated on 28 February 2022)
中一自行分配學位 (2022年2月28日更新)

1. Schedule of Application for S.1 Discretionary Places (DP)
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2. Frequently Asked Questions
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3. Application Period: 3 January - 17 January 2022 

- Application form with supporting documents should be submitted
 (1) in person to the General Office or 
 (2) by post (the postmark date should not be later than the prescribed deadline)

- 申請表格,連同所需證明文件,可經以下方式遞交:
 (1) 親臨本校校務處 或
 (2) 以郵遞方式 (截止日期以郵戳日期為準)
4. Ways to obtain application forms (from 4 December 2021) 
  • Collect the application form in person at the school office, or 
  • Download the application form from this web page 
(Applicants may complete either an English or a Chinese application form.) 


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5. Selection Criteria 甄選方法:
  1. Interview 面試: 0%
  2. Academic Results 學業成績: 70%
  3. Co-curricular Activities 聯課活動: 30%
6. Date of Interview: 12 March 2022(Sat) Cancellation of Interview
面試日期: 2022年3月12日(星期六) 面試取消

Announcement 公布

S2 and S3 Admission(2022/2023)  

Please send your application letter together with your portfolio to our school on or before 30 June 2022. Eligible applicants will be invited to an interview held in mid-July.