Lux, the 34th Student Union of BPS, consists of 12 dedicated F4-5 students, determined to strive for the welfare of fellow schoolmates. As the bridge of communication between the school and our student body, we actively listen to the voices of our schoolmates, in order to create an open and positive environment in BPS in the face of the global pandemic. Similar to the past Student Union cabinets in BPS, Lux is happy to offer a series of welfare items such as discounts from restaurants, shops and tuition centres. We also partake in organizing school and inter-school events, and the list of activities to be organized this year include: the Halloween Party, Teacher's Day, the annual Christmas Party and singing contest, the Christmas Ball, giveaway of Lunar New Year treats, the Form 6 Farewell Party and graduation ceremony and last, but most certainly not the least, the 130th anniversary Open Day of BPS. With much anticipated events, Lux hopes to make this school year a fruitful one for BPS students.