Haven, the 35th Student Union of BPS, consists of 12 committed F4-5 students, determines to strive for and protect the general welfare of the student body, and provide care and support for students to embark on a new journey. As the bridge of communication between the school and students, Haven will actively listen to the voices of our schoolmates and reflect students’ opinions through consultations with school authorities and different social media platforms. We are also glad to offer a series of welfare items in different categories, such as discounts in restaurants, shops and so on. In addition, we will organise various events including Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving Day Activity, Annual Christmas Party and Singing Contest, F6 Farewell Party and graduation ceremony, sign language workshop, Easter Eggs-plorer, Easter Ball and the highlight of all: the old girls’ sharing. Haven hopes to cooperate with the school, teachers and all Belilians to paint a colourful campus life in this school year.