Thanks to our Principal, Mrs Ng, and her friend Prof Albert Leung Wing Nang, the Director of the School of Chinese Medicine of CUHK, 50 of our S5 students had the golden opportunity to visit the School organized by the Career Team during the Life-wide Learning Periods. The visit introduced various ways to nurture our well-being through Chinese medicine, such as massaging acupuncture points and making tangerine tea. It enhanced our girls’ interest in and understanding of Chinese medicine, which is a treasure of our Chinese culture.

Medical services have always been the career our girls’ aspire to. The other 70 of our S5 students visited the School of Nursing of HKU on the same day. Thanks to the School’s warm welcome and hospitality, our students had the hands-on experience of healthcare to patients following the lecturers’ professional demonstrations.

Event Date(s): 2016-03-04